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Testing Modules

Odoo provides support for testing modules using unittest2.

To write tests, simply define a tests sub-package in your module, it will be automatically inspected for test modules. Test modules should have a name starting with test_ and should be imported from tests/__init__.py, e.g.

|-- ...
`-- tests
    |-- __init__.py
    |-- test_bar.py
    `-- test_foo.py

and __init__.py contains:

from . import test_foo, test_bar


test modules which are not imported from tests/__init__.py will not be run

Changed in version 8.0: previously, the test runner would only run modules added to two lists fast_suite and checks in tests/__init__.py. In 8.0 it will run all imported modules

The test runner will simply run any test case, as described in the official unittest documentation, but Odoo provides a number of utilities and helpers related to testing Odoo content (modules, mainly):

By default, tests are run once right after the corresponding module has been installed. Test cases can also be configured to run after all modules have been installed, and not run right after the module installation:

The most common situation is to use TransactionCase and test a property of a model in each method:

class TestModelA(common.TransactionCase):
    def test_some_action(self):
        record = self.env['model.a'].create({'field': 'value'})

    # other tests...

Running tests

Tests are automatically run when installing or updating modules if --test-enable was enabled when starting the Odoo server.

As of Odoo 8, running tests outside of the install/update cycle is not supported.